Spa & Wellness

Spa: Immerse yourself in serenity

Take time to focus on yourself and shift awareness to your own being. Let us create unique Spa and Holistic Wellness experiences that will lead your body, mind and soul into a blissful state of peace, with journeys designed for your supreme wellbeing.


Let yourself slip away and your sensual journey begins…

Explore our beauty, facial & body treatments, massages, and signature treatments.


Holistic Wellness

Holistic Health care’s completely for the specific needs of the individual – the coverage of their physical, mental, spiritual and social needs

We have created innovative holistic therapies that heal not only the body, but also the spirit and the soul! The main idea of Wellness and Holistic Health is illustrated by a circle, in which two sections have been outlined, internally dividing the circle into 3 following parts: Holistic Wellness, Beauty, Mental Balance Activities.


Yoga: Disconnect to reconnect restore balance in mind, body & heart

Yoga for all levels. Tailor made yoga classes to individuals, based to their needs. Ready to customize the group yoga class to fit the students.

Nonjudgmental teaching style and compassionate – centered philosophy. Encouraging physical and spiritual self – growth. Adaptable professional.


Relaxing Package

Romantic Escape 140min

  • Jasmine & Gargenia Exfoliation
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Luxurious Gold body wrap

Time for Stimulation 80min

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Head Massage
Couples’ indulgences

In love- for honeymooners for 1 Day 170min

  • Rose Petals Exfoliation
  • Candle  Massage
  • Cashmere Touch Body Wrap

Romance for two 3 Days 240min

1st  Day : Foot massage + Back, neck and Spot Massage

2nd Day : Love Affair  face & body treatment for couples

3rd Day : Mocha Body Scrub + Candle Lover’s Massage

Rejuvenation 2 Days Spa Package 210min

  1st  Day : Meli Dream + Cashmere Touch Body Wrap

  2nd Day : Under the Moonlight  Face and Body treatment

The Pools